Know Your Worth!

Juggling 3 jobs and a side hustle ain't easy, but "imma feed my family, ain't no way around it!"

With that said, embrace all of the good problems in your life. Lord knows finding a job these days in this economy ain't easy. So I feel blessed everyday that I'm able to wake up and earn some income for my family.

Is my work schedule ideal... meh

But the struggle is real so I gotta be willing to do all that I can put food on the table.

Know your worth ladies and gentlemen. Having an employer slap a wage label on you is not ideal (well at least in MY book). So make sure you are adequately trading your time in for money.

Each job I take on, I do so with this singular mindset:

"I hired you to give me money for my time."

So best believe I am picky about who I choose to call master.

There must be some equivalence in this precious exchange of time for money. If not, each day you wake up to go to work, you will feel unfulfilled.

I am blessed to work at organizations that have legitimate needs that only I can address. I prefer it that way. This way we all know what we are getting out of the arrangement.

If you don't have that sort of relationship with your employer, maybe it's time you considered another line of work. Or you could try talking to your supervisors about tailoring your job responsibilities towards your strengths, while allowing you time to work on your weaknesses.

I could go on and on but I rather keep this post short. Maybe next time I will do a whole post on Employer-Employee relationships.

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