Privacy data breach was first uncovered on September 3, 2017, by Norwegian news agency, NRK.

A variety of sensitive information can is now easily accessible via Google search, ranging from translations of email exchanges from global customers, to termination letters. Full names, telephone numbers, addresses etc., can be found in each leak. Not something to be taken lightly at all. Read full article by Florian Faes on Slator.com.

How many of us have used a free online translation software for seemingly simple translation tasks? The only reason why I am aware of this is because I was translating some required documents information from English to Spanish for a non-profit that I work for!

So, Moral of the Story:

Be VERY conscious of the information you copy and paste or upload into any free online software tool. As convenient as that translation website or pdf converter website may have been in the past, we live in a time of increasing cyber attacks and data breaches.

The safest thing you can do is buy and/or download the appropriate software for your productivity needs. Make sure to check out its consumer ratings and scan for any malware or viruses before downloading and make sure it is coming from a trusted source.

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